Center for Nanostructured Biomimetic Interfaces

Membrane Protien Explaination
Fig. 1: Biomimetic Interface Bound to Electrode


Welcome to the website of the Center for Nanostructured Biomimetic Interfaces (CNBI). This website contains information about the research, education, and technology transfer activities of the CNBI.

What is a "Nanostructured Biomimetic Interface"?

A nanostructured biomimetic interface can be thought of an artificial cell membrane. Living cells carry out many vital functions using membranes that consist mainly of a lipid bilayer and membrane proteins. These functions can be reproduced in the laboratory using biomimetic interfaces, whose structure mimicks that of a cell membrane (e.g., see Figure 1). Because the thickness of lipid bilayers and proteins is about 5 nm, research on biomimetic interfaces represents an integration of nanotechnology and biotechnology.